General Raj’s School

Name of the Principal

Rajat R Sharma

Address of the School

Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Email address

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Profile of the School

General Raj’s School is a private unaided, coed, neibhourhood School founded in 1966 by the Late Chairman, Maj. General P.C Rajaratnam in memory of his father Mr. Payyan Shankaran a well-known educationist of our country.

Its curriculum encompasses the system of value education, which was very close to the heart of the Chairman. Excelling in sports, co-curricular activities and academics and with its strong focus on value education General Raj’s School stands today as one of Delhi’s premiere educational institutions

The aim of the school is to provide the younger generation with the necessary facilities for academic training and to assist them in developing a sound mind and sound body. Emphasis is laid of development of character.

Our Mission is to impart quality moral and value education to all and to instill in the students, feelings of national integrity, patriotism, and honesty in partnership with parents and community and to ensure that all students acquire and use knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary.

We also Provide a loving, safe, and stimulating environment which encourages participation, creativity, problem-solving, and enthusiasm for learning and to encourage students to become socially responsible citizens who are productive and competent lifelong learners.

Our Vision is a school which is progressive in thought and enables the use of changing technology to further enhance student skills and ensures that the students are physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

Apart from the usual facilities of Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, athletic events & Horse Riding, the school boasts of a state of the art Centrally Air Conditioned Auditorium which has housed many Drama Competitions and a host of other shows and performances for the thespians of tomorrow.

What is unique to the school is learning in an open environment. The teacher is a facilitator of knowledge. Apart from the regular curriculum the school imparts Value based and Moral education to the students. These are in the form of day to day realities which the teachers take instances from.

The school also has a daily check sheet for each student which ensures that the students are reminded about their personal, social and moral obligations which in turn inculcates in them a feeling of self pride and a sense of compassion, kindness and helps them become good and effective citizens of society.

Over the last many years, the school has been fostering ties with schools across the globe to provide a platform for our students and teachers to learn and grow by exchanging ideas and information on different countries and their culture.