Sarv Sahodaya Student Webinar

At a time when the intellectual resources of the world are as strained as the financial or medical, the Sarv Sahodaya Group, a conference of 18 leading schools from Delhi and NCR, collaborated to organise a student webinar, spearheaded by the Chairperson, Dr Ruchi Seth, Principal, Lotus Valley International School, Noida on 7 and 8 August, 2020.

Taking for its theme the broad-spectrum phenomenon of Metamorphosis, the webinar proclaimed as its motto the Japanese philosophy of Kodo (continuous thinking), Kagne (continuous acting), Kaizen (continuous improving). 37 students spent 2 days deliberating challenging topics such as the economic, demographic and socio-political changes necessitated by the transformation within 21st century society.

The profundity of the students' thought and the comprehensiveness of their research made for insightful and incendiary discussions that left all educationists impressed! Indeed a thought-provoking, stimulating and enriching event, the webinar succeeded in its mission of providing a platform for the voices and ideas of the youth, who came away with the consensus that they must align their skills to the requirements of contemporary society.